An inspirational film about the impact of Jewish rock music on youth in the United States. Jewish rock is playing a more vital role than ever for Jews struggling to create relevance and meaning in contemporary Jewish life and worship. What is Jewish rock? Why do we have Jewish rock? Where is Jewish rock? Follow the fascinating individual journeys of two high school students (Barry and Leah), an upcoming Jewish rocker (Sheldon Low), and a Jewish rock star (Rick Recht) as they find themselves and connect with Judaism through the incredible world of Jewish rock.

"In Pittsburgh, we had the opportunity to premiere the film, "The Hope," chronicling Rick's amazing journey and then immediately followed it with his live concert. People were blown away. It was an awesome event and a fantastic way to close our film festival. One of my committee members wrote "At my age, standing, swinging, singing and swaying for over an hour does not come easily, but Rick's voice, lyrics, message and connection to his audience make it impossible to sit idly on the sidelines."
- Kathryn Spitz Cohan
Executive Director Pittsburgh Jewish-Israeli Film Festival

"It was such a wonderful film and the musical concert was the icing on the cake. I loved seeing three generations of Jewish families all enjoying the same thing together!"
- Zelda Sparks
St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

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